Half Dipped

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Pistachio and Lotus, Indulge in the exquisite "Half Dipped" experience!

Our latest batch of premium Medjool dates is filled with a delightful combination of raw pistachio butter and lotus cream. Each date is then expertly coated in luscious white chocolate, adorned with real pistachios, and finished with the irresistible crunch of lotus biscuits.

Complement it with a Tamara Coffee  Arabic coffee ( Saudi coffee ). 

Dates are a great source of a powerhouse of energy enriched with essential vitamins and nutrients. Elevate your gifting experience with the Tamara's gift set, offering both elegance and health in every delightful package. 

Please note that the product may be subject to modification and changes in flavor. Store in a cool and dry place.

Our quality confections are designed to provide a balanced harmony between taste and texture. A fusion of toasted nuts and dates gives every bite an invigorating crunch.