Tamara's Tamriya

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Savor it in the morning or evening with a cup of tea or coffee, Tamara's Tamriya is an unparalleled creation. 

Indulge in the extraordinary – Tamriya with Nuts and honey a symphony of flavors that lingers in the memory. Tamara's Tamriya Crafted with precision, each piece encapsulates the essence of the ancient Levantine heritage. The luscious layers boast a harmonious blend of dates, pistachios, cashews, and almonds, providing not just delightful flavors but also a wholesome dose of nutrients, proteins, and fiber. The subtle hint of cardamom further enhances the overall experience, making it a healthy and indulgent choice for dessert enthusiasts.

To preserve the exceptional quality of our Tamriya , we recommend storing them at a temperature lower than 18c. 

Our quality confections are designed to provide a balanced harmony between taste and texture. A fusion of toasted nuts and dates gives every bite an invigorating crunch.