Blossom Keepsake Pouch

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A Visual Delight - a true gem - the Blossom Keepsake Pouch perfect for any occasion

Elevate your celebration with the Tri-Tone Treasure Velvet Pouch, a symbol of luxury and charm. Our selection features three captivating hues: the passionate ruby red, the serene ocean blue, and the lush emerald green, each crafted from the softest velvet and finished with a radiant golden clasp. These elegant pouches are the perfect choice for gifting dates or small treasures at weddings, parties, or any grand affair. Offer your guests a touch of grandeur with these exquisite pouches that beautifully blend tradition with a modern twist. Shop now to add a splash of color and a dash of opulence to your special day

Dates are a great source of a powerhouse of energy enriched with essential vitamins and nutrients. Elevate your gifting experience with the Tamara's gift set, offering both elegance and health in every delightful package

Please note that the product may be subject to modification and changes in flavor. Store in a cool and dry place.