Mix Dates

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Mix dates, This new collection mixed of the Dates Pops, Half Half dates dipped nuts and Assorted Premium filled Dates. This collection of Medjool premium dates come stuffed with stuffed with the finest types of nuts almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, brazil nuts and Candide orange. And A variety of Tamara date balls. Contains premium date paste, almonds, pistachios, white sesame, coconut, and lotus comes all gluten-free. 


Complement it with a Tamara Coffee  Arabic coffee ( Saudi coffee ).

Choose the size from the menu above. 

Number of pieces per box:
     * Small - 9 pieces
     * Medium - 12 pieces. 
     * Large - 25 pieces.
Ingredients:  Medjool premium dates, Almound, Hazelnuts, Walnut and Candide orange.  Ingredients: Dates paste , Unsweetened coconut, Sesame, Almond Pieces, Pistachio Pieces, louts Cream and Louts Biscuits.